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Dr. Wiggs Research Interests

Dr. Wiggs is a organizational development and leadership consultant, with over 20 years of experience in the corporate world leading large scale transformation initiatives. Her expertise ranges from strategic planning to risk/compliance and coaching. Dr. Wiggs uses her industry experience to identify relevant business problems that require real solutions.


Through sound research practices Dr. Wiggs is able to investigate business issues and provide recommendations to address organizational problems that affect the firm and impact human capital and firm performance.

Credibility perceptions of leader messaging

Dr. Wiggs has conducted extensive research in the area of assessing when stakeholders evaluate leader messages as credible and when they are not.  This research sheds light on whether the race of the leader and the race of the stakeholder has any influence on an individual's perception evaluations. 


Dr. Wiggs' research reveals that the leader's race is important to credibility assessments among certain demographics of stakeholders.  This finding suggests that leaders should consider the audience they are communicating to and assess the message content and components to increase credibility perceptions.

Politician with Supporters

Charismatic Leadership

Dr. Wiggs' research examined whether the use of charismatic leadership tactics influenced credibility perceptions among stakeholders. Research reveals that the use of the 9 verbal charismatic leadership tactics significantly influence credibility perceptions among stakeholders.  This insight is valuable for leaders to understand what tactics resonate with various stakeholder groups within their organizations.

Risk & Regulatory Compliance

Dr. Wiggs research investigated the impact of regulatory enforcement actions on a firm's performance.  Findings reveal that 70% of the variability in firm ROE performance is explained by the number of enforcement actions issued on a firm.

This finding has prompted additional research related to regulatory enforcement actions to assess most widely assessed findings by regulators to identify operational gaps and opportunities.


Compassion in the workplace

With a team of researchers we conducted over 50 interviews with managers and leaders across different industries to gain an understanding of compassion in the workplace.  Through the analysis of 350 responses on different compassion related questions this research revealed that leaders assess employee performance which determines the level of compassion an employee would receive from their leader. 


Leaders may consciously or unconsciously evaluate the performance of their employee when the employee approaches with a situation that may need a compassionate response.

Occupational Burnout

Dr. Wiggs' research related to occupational burnout investigated the causes and outcomes of employees experiencing the phenomenon. This research sheds light on how to help employers identify the concepts that cause burnout in their employees such as lack of communication, reduced efficacy and autonomy in the role.


Through this identification of antecedents of burnout Dr. Wiggs educate leaders how to effectively eliminate causes and stresses of burnout to realize the positive effects of engaged employees in the workplace.

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